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Jennifer J. Owens, This Is Me​

I Help You Overcome Challenges

Book Author and Inspirational/Motivational Speaker

Seek advice and guidance from me. I have written books and spoken before audiences about the power of unconditional love. Through Jennifer J. Owens, This Is Me, I wish to branch out and spread this timeless message to all young people and adults.

It is essential for you to love yourself for who you are. This is how you learn to love other people for who they are. It doesn't matter how the world views you. For as long as you believe in yourself, you can do amazing things. 

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You’ve Got a Friend

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Always With a Unique Message
for Everyone

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My Mission

I am here to let you know how important it is to value everything that makes you the wonderful person that you are. This way, you also realize how just as valuable other people are. Through the discovery of self-worth, you learn how to embrace uniqueness and diversity.

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